Factors Regarding Tibetan and Chinese Reconciliation within the Context of One World Community

Recognizing that Tibet and China have mutually interdependent and vitally common interest


Cutting through the propaganda and ideology for the benefit of all the people

The Tibetan socio-political present and short-term future problem is currently intertwined with Chinese polity. There can be no doubt of this on a pragmatic level. Thus for a pragmatic outcome, one must take into consideration Chinese polity, as China is dominant militarily and hence politically., China will change when it is clear that it is in China's best interest to do so. Thus China's relationship with Tibet will change, as China changes. In this context, change in Tibet is reduced to a simple equation.

Realistically, Chinese politics will continue to be a huge factor in at least the short term future of Tibet. One may envision that one day in the future Chinese policy will be shaped by the understanding that is is in China's best interest to promote the cultural and ecological diversity of Tibet under a democratic government that ensures a classless society, which in turn grants equal rights and access legally, economically, medically, and educationally for all Tibetans and Chinese, thus rectifying specific disparities of the past, which have been bones of contention. Further such policies increase citizen morale, economic output, national loyalty, social responsibility and harmony, and is thus economically and militarily pragmatic.

Hence, when China is convinced that human rights and egalitarian values of the workers, peasants, and general populace have been granted and adopted as national priorities, then the Tibetan culture will be allowed to flourish without appearing as a threat to China. Moving into this state of mutual trust between Tibetan ethnic groups and the Chinese would begin under the umbrella of a Chinese military protector ship. Civil unrest being completely pacified because of the foregoing condition, would save both China and the Tibetans much wasted money in regard to the costs of a continued police state. Thus less waste and more prosperity would follow. This peaceful eventuality would also encourage tourism, local Tibetan industry, and culture synergistically. Such is a simple and easy realizable solution.

It is hoped that once education and economic prosperity has become distributed to all -- when such becomes widespread, then workers, nomads,and peasants will be able to wisely make correct decisions and take effective action. Worker's, peasant, and local councils will be delegated more power to govern their own direction and within this milieu of a a successful proletariat revolution, a revolutionary culture that takes into consideration sustainability will bloom forward. Then the success story of China and Tibet will act as successful beacons for the rest of the world.

Below we will discuss some of the past disputes and current controversies.

First a Statement of Sympathy for Tibet

If our hearts are open we can not escape the natural joy which we experience of other's happiness, and similarly to acknowledge the obvious pain, restlessness, and estrangement of the Tibetan community today. May all human beings know the cause of happiness that is free from suffering.

Reactionary tendencies which are exhibited in reactionary policies designed to pit one people against the other are merely reactionary. What characterizes the vast richness of China is its diversity, not a faceless sameness. Rapid changes made by the new Machiavellian Chinese have caused much unnecessary suffering, bloodshed, and continued inequity tibet. Taking one side or the other in this unfortunate situation. Neither denying the class and social justice inequities in pre-communist Tibet OR the justification of the People's Republic of China's rapacious, imperialistic, exploitive, and colonization activities (cultural, psychological, and physical) will have any long lasting effectiveness. Rather truth is truth and we will all benefit from action based on such in the long run by putting mere rhetoric, ideology, and bias aside.

Sympathy for Tibet includes sympathy for Tibet's current ecological, cultural, psychological, and material destruction, inequities, and exploitive abuse. Sympathy for Tibet also then include a sober look at Tibet's past inequities, disparities, abuses, and exploits. Mistakes of the past must be renounced and regretted before a viable future is embarked upon. All past arguments should be acknowledged now, and thus avoid wasting time and energy in the future for the benefit of both the Chinese and Tibetan people. Without that, how can there be any true reconciliation among people or governments?

So without taking sides (such is indeed possible when we do not assume a "them and us" assumption) then perhaps a peaceful solution for the benefit of both the peoples of Tibet and China as well as the entire world may be served. This is what we will attempt; i.e., that truth will disclose the solution, while limited knowledge will create more strife and waste. Reality will be superior to ideology and pretense -- universal unbiased truth will lead us to freedom and true compassionate equality embodied in a functional; system of state supported social justice.

Unfortunately, since the time of the Chinese occupation, one traditional elite corrupt class system has been replaced by another corrupt class system. Although specific material improvements have ben instituted, the truth is that instead of basic services being rendered equally to all people, prisons are larger than ever and the indigenous culture is suffering materially, culturally, and psychologically. There are no people's courts, people's justice, people's rule, and locally worker controlled worker councils. This is not the classless communism that Karl Marx nor Mao Tse Tung had promised, but rather its betrayal shedding another dark undeserved specter on collectivism and communism as a whole.

Sympathy to the Chinese people is also in order. They too have suffered centuries of exploitation and subjugation and suppression by both foreign and Chinese tyrants. They have sacrificed very much in the hope of a better life for their children. They too have given up their traditional and indigenous culture and ways while their cultural background has become homogenized and diluted. What is left of the Chinese people if they should sacrifice everything for sameness -- if they would give up their Cultural genius for an economic model which is unsustainable, superficial, and empty? That would wind up very tragic as well. What is needed is a sustainable socioeconomic model that sustains life, human happiness, and well beingness. Such a vision is rooted in the native soil of China and the Chinese genius -- the genius of the innate primordial tradition.

Below we will at first explore the fallacies of the apparently "logical" arguments based on a "them and us" assumption, their rationalization and justifications, the self deceptions and bias of both sides in this controversy (Tibetan and indigenous versus the current PRC party line), the lack of self criticism, and so forth. Then after defeating these logical limited assumptions and methods of problem solving, we will move on to proposing a mutually beneficial achievement where all the Chinese and Tibetan people truly win. The Chinese, Tibetans, Koreans, Mongolians, Japanese, and all people have much in common besides the air, water, planet, and universe. We all have much to win through peace. By honoring, valuing, and sustaining the common necessities of life and the beauty surrounding it, we can work together as a team to sustain it and make it more abundant. Human beings form a community, just as all living beings share a common planet, and just as this galaxy is dependent upon the rest of the universe, all the parts form a communal relationship which has been evolving since beginningless time. Survival or sustainability depends upon honoring, respecting, and reflecting this evolutionary force inherent as time's momentum.

Today I am reminded of the story of Buddha who conquered all enemies via universal boundless immeasurable compassion. Truly then how could one have any enemies? If we take this as a truth, that at the root all beings and things WE are all living communally, then the appropriate response would be for us all to work collectively and in harmony for the common good. That is natural communism (expressed outside) and natural buddhism (as the underlying primordial vortex). It is most efficient. It does not depend on negative emotions (fear, confusion, insecurity, selfishness, jealousy, hatred, or greed) to be activated, rather it is based on interdependence (that we all mutually interdependent and connected).

The protector of Tibetan Buddhism is Chenresig, who is often pictured with 1000 hands, each one having a omniscient eye on each palm. Chenresig is the identification with boundless all-pervading compassion -- everywhere for/with every being -- with no limitations or boundaries.

Functional policies should serve the general happiness of the people: Dysfunctional politics creates suffering and harm

Politics and Buddhism are not a separate idea as long as the goal of politics is create institutions which serve to promote justice, sustainability, freedom, and happiness for its people. Politics is freedom. When political people give up politics, they give up their freedom. That is a crime that leads to more crime. When that happens, more than likely, tyrants and oppressors will establish and attempt to preserve their authority and power over the masses by any means possible even rationalizing war, police states, incarceration, and genocide against their own people.

That idea that politics and Buddhism must be separate is based on many false assumptions. One errant assumption is that politics is about greed, need, personal power, and selfishness at the detriment of the ordinary people (proletariat). That is not a true assumption in pure communism which is altruistic at its core. In "other worldly" religions not based on happiness very often the idea of social and environmental justice appears to be lacking. This is especially so in nihilistic leaning schools of Buddhism as well as in other religions where heaven or justice is transported to a realm after life. But authentic Buddhism is not to be incorrectly understood as a negative dialectic. One extreme of nihilism is to regard "everything", existence, and being, as an illusion including sentient beings, nature, and future life forms. Unfortunately this limited understanding is not uncommon. Illusion is not the true teaching of the Buddha, rather he taught the truth/reality, by learning how to see clearly; i.e., to see beyond the illusory veil. Too often modern Buddhists become mired in half baked teachings.

As an example of the lack of political sophistication of Tibetan Buddhists I will tell a personal story. When the Tibetan Lamas  first started coming to America in the sixties and early seventies they were often asked about politics, especially where I lived in Berkeley, California. At that time Lamaist politics was always dismissed as worldly attachment, something far beneath the high goals of Lamaism. When asked about the Chinese destruction of Tibetan culture and Lamaism there, the Lamas all answered in the same way. They believed those who resisted had wrong views or were barbarians and that the invasion was very temporary. They believed that they would return to Tibet very soon, so that the Tibetan culture, medical schools, monasteries, and way of life would be restored once again very soon back to its original "flawless" or idealist situation. These Lamas were in denial that anything was wrong or unfair with the old Tibetan system.

In short the Lamas believed in the karma of the situation, as if all they had to do is remain detached from temporal politics and practice as they had been taught; i.e., that the Chinese were evil and bad, and that they (Tibetans) were good and correct. This pure faith was reflected well in movie picture, "The Cup", where the head Abbot was always packed, ready at any time expecting to return to Tibet.
Fifty years later irreversible changes have occurred in Tibet, to the chagrin of many Tibetans especially the younger ones who find themselves stuck without a country or a viable culture as aliens without citizenship in India and Nepal. Those left in Tibet complain even louder. Perhaps it is because they do not have the right view of impermanence (most likely), but more so I think that the Chinese are trying to teach some lamas a lesson.

It seems obvious now that the old Tibetan government and the  Lamas did not see this coming, and since they claim to believe in karma, then it is a fair question to inquire as to what would explain the destruction of Buddhism in Tibet and the great Diaspora of the Tibetan people. Is it blind belief to continue to say that it is merely a temporary situation AND that the Tibetan culture and Buddhism will be fully restored in Tibet? Yes, all things are temporary, for sure, but so are institutions (Tibetan, Buddhist, Marxist, or otherwise). One thing for certain, all of this will change. The purpose in this study is to investigate how positive change will take place.

It is wise to investigate the truth of cause and effect (karma). That is very scientific. On the relative level once thoroughly analyzed, the underlying causes will disclose the result, and old mistakes will no longer be made because of the new knowledge. Underlying all phenomena there is a profound momentum, but few people look to the creative/evolutionary cause and work directly with it.

All Buddhists believe in karma. The karmic reasons given today by the Tibetan government in exile is that what has happened to the Tibetan culture, the Tibetans, their environment, and Buddhist institutions has blamed on some wars ancient (pre-Buddhist) wars where Tibetans made incursions into China and caused the Chinese people suffering. Although records from this time vary, relatively speaking the destruction of an entire culture and especially the destruction of Buddhist institutions in this regard does not appear at first glance to be commensurate. Hence I think it would be wise for the Tibetan government to acknowledge other possible "causes", otherwise nothing will be learned.  

Currently the Chinese government is determined to put nihilistic Lamaism to its death by dismantling the basis its its support by dismantling the Tibetan culture, language, identity, and hence the Tibetan Buddhist institutions while waiting until the present Dalai Lama dies. Then their Panchen Lama will find the new Dalai Lama and indoctrinate him into Chinese Communist ideology. In short, the Chinese government is not convinced that the Tibetan government in exile and the Dalai Lama in particular has learned anything from nihilistic Lamaism; i.e., if the Dalai Lama returned he might provoke a reactionary revolt, restore the old religious autocracy, and "social progress and reform" would be lost. China does not trust the former adherents of Old Tibet, its former land barons and aristocracy and the Dalai Lama, old Tibet, and is thus using all that is in its power to facilitate its demise. There is a great opportunity being missed here, because the highly respected Great 14th Dalai Lama has truly renounced kingship and politics while endorsing a proletariat communist polity. Such step in forming a positive relationship with the Dalai Lama now would be a win/win situation for both the Tibetan ;people and Chinese.

Relative Materialism versus Nihilism

Previously wherein the Chinese government refuses to recognize the values of traditional Tibetan culture (except perhaps their indigenous medicine), the Tibetan government in exile also tended to refuse to recognize (ignore) the qualities of relative materialism; i.e., the environment and material sustainability. Giving lip service to compassion, but without substance was unfortunately a commonplace arrogance.

The Tibetan traditionalists are correct in that materialism taken to its logical extreme conclusion results in scarcity and injustice (something that the Chinese communists have not considered because of their attachment to their ideology devoid of self criticism); yet the nihilistic denial of the physical has served only the traditional elite hegemony. Reform from within Tibetan Buddhist institutions to reform the crass nihilistic thinking which supported the status quo was almost none-existence or else was persecuted. In short, critical thought, free inquiry, creative thought, justice, questioning sacred cows, and the pursuit of happiness can not be reached within a system based on materialism nor nihilism alone -- within any ideological/dogmatic assumption. Rather effective inquiry must take into account the harmonious interaction of ecological, social, cultural, agricultural, and human systems which have the capability of producing abundance, sustainability, health, happiness, equanimity, justice, and peace which are all boons for people to pursue creative life.

The old school Lamaist nihilists have for centuries permitted and aided social, economic, and political injustice in the name of the nihilistic ideology that interprets Buddha's teaching as saying that all is an illusion, temporary, impermanent, and illusory while happiness is simply in the mind. Although in one sense there is a truth behind that, such does not apply to the masses of people, and taken out of context serves as justification for their further suffering as well as an excuse for any obligation in bettering their situation so that they can also practice dharma. The point is waking up in order to help others -- to live and work communally in harmony with our fellow beings and, planet, and universe.

The common ground is Being in Integrity beyond the self imposed boundaries of the limited mindset: Interdependence – Relative Truth (form) and Ultimate Truth (space) are not Disconnected or Independent Entities

In the past, there was a question whether or not the Chinese government, the Tibetan people, and the Tibetan government in exile would ever come together as a powerful and unified force capable of displaying signs of success. So first there had to be displayed a will to effect the benefit of all people on all sides. If not, the forces that resist such a benefit must be identified and overcome.

On one side we have to acknowledge that there are Lamaists who won't give this a thought. For them Tibetan culture, institutions, libraries, stupas, monasteries, and the Tibetan people are simply temporal. They are nothing to get disturbed or involved about. They confuse indifference with equanimity and hence claim compassion to be a lie, for in their narcissistic nihilism there exists for them no object of compassion... no thing whatsoever -- no suffering beings, no society, and no government.

That nihilistic attitude disturbs the Chinese conservatives. It makes them more adamant about stamping out the infection of Lamaism completely, once and for all.

Lamaists are not united in that nihilistic and cynical view, of course. Some miss the good old days and deny any disparity or injustice ever occurred. Others however, have taken on a more engaged attitude toward social reform, equanimity, education, social engagement and public health. These latter Lamas provide a segue between China and old Tibet.

On the Chinese side, they believe that time is on their side; i.e., that Tibetan will no longer be a spoken language in the old Tibet and the monasteries will be turned into relics or museums of a forgone decadent age of indifference and callousness by the Tibetan aristocracy, land barons, and elitists. The Chinese have a tremendous amount of economic and military power behind them currently, mostly because they are united in a common purpose/vision. They should be careful that this vision/purpose is not corrupted/perverted or fragmented.

Both the Chinese government and Tibetan government in exile have a common ground, however in acknowledging "relative truth". The nihilists in the Lamaist sections must stop demeaning relative truth, while the Chinese government is starting to realize that justice and happiness of the masses has mental/psychological causes; i.e., despite material wealth and technological prowess the Chinese people are still discontent. Raising the level of consciousness is thus in the best interest of all parties concerned. 
What is most needed of course is freedom, peace, abundance, justice, and creativity in order to fully express human evolutionary potential. Freedom of time and access to sustainable resources (abundance) are necessities in order to pursue happiness or practice dharma - in order to live a quality and sustainable way of life -- in order to evolve. Peace (external and internal) also is necessary in order to pursue happiness and practice dharma, because constant war is a ruinous bane. Some sort of sustainable abundance also is necessary in order to pursue happiness, creativity, or practice dharma. Justice and equality must be basic principles upheld by the social fabric and institutions in order to realize one's highest potential and insure domestic stability.            

This requires an awareness or wisdom, which in turn acknowledges the primordial evolutionary energy which sustains life. Without sustaining life, human evolution will be discontinued. This was known by the ancient sages, but was not considered a serious threat to hermits, because man's technology was not capable of ruining sustainability until now. Now the union of wisdom and form, absolute and relative truths, must be recognized and integrated into sustainable policies.

This is called living in integrity which brings forth happiness.

The Pathology of Deception, Self Deception, Self Promotion (Propaganda), and Character Armoring: Really- Getting it All Together is Really Getting Real, Really!

The air is overly thick today with much propaganda, bias, prejudice, distortion, ideology, role acting, self promotion, deception, maneuvering, fear, and self serving inauthenticity to a point that many players don't know that they have become seduced in playing a game or acting out a hoax -- living within a self created nightmare of conditioned pretense and strife.

In deceitful living or self deceit, the truth suffers as one becomes the agency of confusion willfully or not. Those who know it as a game -- as conscious role playing have an advantage over those totally engrossed/lost in the lie, but they are still not liberated until they find that which is beyond bias or deception. Those, who do know, eventually become cynical or nihilistic predators, no longer believing in anything as being real, but playing the game for self promotion (promoting themselves, their cause, or agenda selfishly) or self gratification (which they will never satisfactorily find as long as they are locked into game playing). Such are the uncomfortable stories we tell ourselves and others.

As described in the subtitle of this essay we will assume that it is possible to let go of our predilections, preferences, limited assumptions, role playing, agendas, dramas, and expectations which in turn is held together by a reflexive neurological conditioning process which capitalizes upon our fear of pain -- the tendency to suppress/escape from and numb away pain, painful experiences, numb our minds, to desensitize, forget, and deny "reality" thus escaping avoiding something deemed "horrendous", evil, or ultimately ugly and "bad".

When such protective/defensive mechanisms over compensate habitually, we experience a pathological and dysfunctional state of withdrawal, inhibition, and constriction which supports ignorance, rather than learning, expansion, and sensitivity. It is this chronic displacement mechanism that closes the person down, preventing us from continued learning, which creates chronic armoring both physical and mental, which fosters inhibition, collapse, weakness, a feeling of helplessness and faintheartedness. This bio-psychic dysfunctional mechanism lies at the heart of socio-political and economic dysfunction.

Socially and neuro-physiologically it is a double edged sword. Such a posture/attitude or false identification of the mind in social/environmental interaction creates a neuro-physiological tension and distorted energy field which in turn creates organic stress and chronic disease. Acting the opposite way from inside out. chronic neuro-physiological stress patterns create behavior which is dysfunctional -- in turn create dysfunctional social institutions, sick relationships, and even more tension and pathology. Breaking that cycle is possible and is one of the reasons this book has been written. Ultimately then it is a fine attunement within our neuro-physiological laboratory which will the creation of a Shangrala or shambhala but such a subtle technology has not arrived except for the very gifted.

So here the common plague situation that must be remediated assumes that purification of a previously poisoned and impure heart/mind complex is not only possible, but integral to the process of liberation , health, creative empowerment, and true fulfillment. We will assume that one can recover from negative programming and conditioning so that one can return to one's natural (unconditioned) primordial state. Blocked channels of love and healing can be opened -- the previously sterile land can be irrigated and fertilized once again. It only requires one thing -- love united with will.

For centuries mankind has suffered from the yoke of confusion and self serving self propagation propaganda. Hence truth suffered. In the elite's desire to maintain his/her dominance a war against truth was paramount to maintaining control -- keeping the masses disempowered. Hence a war on truth became both pandemic and insidious. This war on truth was perpetuated by status quo self interest groups -- self serving manmade greedy institutions based on a chronic neurosis which manifests as the most pathological as the exploitation, manipulation, and abuse of "other" life systems by not acknowledging their inherent value, honoring, nor replenishing them. Predators without the wisdom to maintain abundant prey perpetuate their own demise.

In fact because of such abuse, the perpetuator feels a need to justify their actions and receive praise and adulation out of what is essentially a preexisting state of lack -- lack of self worth and true well being. For example if a person steals from some one, it serves the need for justification and self worth to claim that one has won back some thing that was rightfully theirs in the first place or that the victim was a thief, or that the "enemy" was evil. In this way the perpetuator receives both self adulation and praise at the same time as the enemy is being condemned or discredited. This neurotic reactionary mechanism is a defensive character armoring which originates from the severe lack of true self worth due to one's rift/rend from their core/center -- from the innate order of a meaningful and fulfilling joyful participation in ALL OUR RELATIONS.

For example, a man cuts down the forest and ruins the watershed of his neighbor, the fishing goes to hell, and the bay becomes polluted. That same man conveniently attempts to find a scapegoat to shift the blame. Conveniently he finds an outsider who looks different, talks differently, and represents a foreign interest to take the blame. Even though there is no direct connection between the scapegoat and the crime, people will generally follow the scapegoating tactic as long as they can vent their frustration, anguish, anger, hurt, and pain upon the "evil enemy". Such automatically creates oneself as the "good" (as the one who is against the evil and thus one's self worth soars as a result. Very effective except the truth of the matter is ignored. Worse, few people want to know the truth, because then the illusion of their compensatory self worth will become deflated. So one further defensively and chronically armors oneself against the truth. Deep down the ego knows that it is a lie, but on the surface it surfaces only hesitatingly. Sometimes an event or another person will remind one, so then the defensive self protective armoring mechanism of the ego is fired in an attempt to eradicate the emotional pain or guilt.

This defensive/aggressive self promoting armoring is the result of ego constructs which cut off the process of creative change and new experience. It chokes off life. Thus this chronic denial of the creative dynamic energy flows in life coagulates a self destructive (pathological) and dysfunctional relationship with that which nurtures. This psychopathological mechanism is part and parcel of how self destructive "cultures" destroy their own resources, that of their offspring, and forms the very basis for their own survival and life unwittingly. Such a dysfunctional psychopathology is not unique in human history. When it occurs within a group consciousness and group support system then this mass self deception and aggressive paranoia and guilt is capable of widespread destruction and pathology.

Today the earth speaks out and says, "no more" to this lie and abusive slavery. This dysfunction no longer has to plague man, nor does man have to suffer anymore from the elite demagogues who promote themselves while exploiting others. Rather honest and authentic people of all races and nationalities have a common joyful opportunity and purpose, that is, to celebrate life in all their relations -- to create abundance, joy, and fulfillment both physically and spiritually. For this to happen, one must be strong in what is true -- to know the truth for oneself and thus know when one is being lied to. More so, to refuse to be part of the lie, to refuse to promote false causes, propagandize, or lie. Getting clear to know the truth is the second step. The first step is to throw off the lie. The last step is walk the truth -- to love it as in ALL OUR RELATIONS. That also means Integrity. This last step is impossible without the first two, or else it too would be a lie -- simply promoting a cause. Hence we will then in this essay identify and reveal some causal lies (propaganda) lodged in the minds of today's confused people, and then allow revelation to occur. naturally and organically being released and relaxed deeply into that undifferentiated clear and pure self effulgent awareness of universal unconditioned awareness.

Tibet and China as Examples

Neither capitalism (which is nothing more than a paranoid and greedy materialism bent on infinite consumption of a projection limited resources), nor classical Marxism, (which is merely a reaction to capitalism) are capable of providing a long term sustainable strategy for the human community or other sentient beings. Neither is any religion, ideology, or belief system. We will use the disparate situation in China and Tibet as a specific example revealing how humankind can mend their perverse and disparate ways of bullying and self abuse in general. We would do well to use this as a possible model for the future in order to destroy the plague of denial and dysfunction, while moving mankind in harmony with the integral flow of spirit and nature -- in ways of earthly abundance and self healing. Here Tibet and China is only one example where two sides are promoting causes which are at odds -- both see their situation as "right and just' and the other "wrong" or in some cases "evil". If instead of promoting their causes, both sides would promote the truth, then what would happen. There is only one truth of course. Let us continue.

Tibetan culture and Chinese politics are currently at odds. They are good examples of the propaganda where the means justify the needs -- where two fantasies or myths (propaganda) are playing out against each other. Similar lies are being propagated by self serving instigators world wide.

Here we will use the term, culture, loosely to define either a distinct language group, genetic group, belief system, and/or specific relationship with an ecologic region which characterizes a group sharing a unique and distinct (as distinct from other groups) art form such as dance, music, craftsmanship, custom, clothing, belief, attitude, language, or way of life. Such cultures enrich us - they should be allowed to be cultivated as natural expressions of the spirit in its boundless diversity as long as they do not exploit other cultures, impose their rule upon others, abuse, exploit, or enslave them. A true liberation army thus has its primary duty to liberate the people from such burdens thus having placed slavery as the most primary abuse. On a more causal level, true liberation occurs when people's minds are liberated from past deceptions and other chronic dysfunctional thinking patterns.

For many years both Tibet and more recently China have strayed from their ancient high ideals, yet the best interest of their people resides in healthy leadership – leadership of the those who are loyal to the Tibetan and Chinese cultures and people. Here leadership in a healthy society does not equate with domination or control of its people, but rather leadership in its best manifestation rallies people together to realize their highest potential in abundance, peace, health, and happiness. Leadership is visionary service to the people.

This can only occur when leadership serves the highest aspirations of the people and culture which they are supposed to lead; i.e., when it is not self serving, greedy, or exploitive. Elitists are the bane of free people, they hold the spirit and the potential of the people at bay for personal aggrandizement.  One could look at the history not only of China and Tibet, but also to the entire world as being victims of selfish, self serving, greedy, and corrupt leadership. here we will show how both China and Tibet can prosper by kicking out the corrupt betrayers. The vanguard or elitists in both camps just as elitists in general are promoting their own ends while the masses, other species, and habitat are exploited and suffer as a result (as usual).

Both cultures (Chinese and Tibetan) are very old, variegated, and rich – they are living treasures to their people. So let us state the common goal first, which is the COMMON welfare of both people. Both have had happier days. The common welfare and happiness can and must be achieved through concentrated and sincere intent tempered and empowered by the wisdom which is activated by the true love and inseparable love bond between of and between both the people and the land. Wisdom and welfare are dependent on the truth -- the ability to act with clarity. It is not dependent upon lies no matter how flattering. Wisdom and liberation are the result of promoting truth. Elitists can not exist when the truth is widely known. Elitists believe that only they are fit vessels to hoard the truth, while the people must be lied to.

Those who do not believe in the common welfare -- do not believe in self empowered people. Not believing in people they are neither true communists nor Buddhists. Rather they are short sighted, cynical, nihilistic, attached to limited vistas, self promoting, selfish, corrupt, short sighted, and truly ignorant. That may sound arrogant, but for one to understand oneself, one must first make a sincere effort to understand life. Likewise to understand life, one must understand oneself. Because most men are ignorant of life and "self" they do not know what they are doing and what has been done in the past. They do not understand history or medicine, and thus people do not have confidence in moving themselves into a healthy future. Ideology and propaganda are poisons to the young, innocent, and curious because they are compensations for the truth -- they are palliatives -- opium of the people.

Wishful thinking, prayers, and unrealistic hope on the part of the Tibetan refugees on one hand, nor empty, eviscerating, and demonizing condemnation by Chinese propagandists neither will solve the suffering of the people.

The Unity of Authentic Communism and Buddhism: They aspire to the same goals of a universal egalitarian community- As the world, planet, and cosmos is intertwined by one all pervasive commonality-- One Reality manifesting as a rich, fertile, and diverse multiplicity

True it is difficult to speak of pure communism or pure Buddhism (there exist many purists and even fundamentalists in our midst). Here though I will define the terms as such. By pure communism I mean the spirit that says that man, animals, and resources should not be exploited, enslaved, demeaned, or destroyed but rather in the spirit of true and pure mutuality or communion, all beings and things can work in harmony non-competitively toward a common goal to enrich each other's lives. It is corruptive to believe that mankind is motivated evilly -- to compete and beat down others in order to survive in a competitive and dangerous (paranoid world). Yes, such a hell world exists. It is called capitalism, created by corrupted and unhappy spirits.

True Buddhism also upholds the belief in mankind finding his true happiness by recognizing 'self" in the the greater mutuality/communion with all things and beings. Here also Buddhism recognizes that competition by itself is not a natural instinct but rather a neurotic symptom of its repression. Buddhism fundamentally allies itself with equanimity, compassion, loving kindness, and sympathetic joy in other's good fortune. These are attitudes to cultivate despite mankind's chronic neurotic illness. This and similar ideals are thus to be realized through authentic Buddhist practice.

Both pure Buddhism and pure Communism then have the same goals and aspirations – they are both classless, egalitarian, and believe in the welfare of the many over the greed and selfishness of the few. Both in their pure form believe in cooperation, communal living, equal opportunity, and work place democracy. both uphold the interdependent bond that unites all men with all beings, the land, and all of creation. But as institutions both Buddhism and communism have strayed from both pure Buddhism and pure Communism.

Working together China, Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal, and Korea will lead the rest of world into world peace and abundance providing a functional and healthy model for all of humankind. This will be a very powerful medicine for all the people.    

So in order to move forward we must first see how humankind has gone astray in the past – man must first admit his past mistakes in order to rectify them. Then mankind can give up our reactionary ways and move toward this humanitarian egalitarian goal. First we will offer constructive criticism to the Tibetans. It is especially needed because they have too often taken the tactic that they are faultless victims in their situation.

Admitting the Mistakes of Institutionalized/Hierarchical Buddhism in Tibet

First, we will outline the faults and errors of the Tibetan government since the advent of Buddhism in Tibet and China. Certainly, it was not an easy job to institute Buddhism in Tibet. Tibetan Buddhism actually took on many new and unique flavors in Tibet (as it did in China). The Tibetan influence dealt with the indigenous shamanic Bon religion and beliefs and an entrenched system of smaller kingships and lordships. The Chinese background influence was Taoism and Confucianism (circa 500 BC), and later Buddhism (circa sixth century AD) which had their own feudal lordship problems. Feudalism was transformed in China uniting and strengthening the country, but the bane of corruption, privilege, injustice, exploitation, classism, abuse, and poverty continued by a conspiracy of the status quo – the wealthy and favored servants of the emperor (a new hierarchy arose out of the ashes of the old replacing it). After the 8th century AD, favorite Tibetan Buddhist teachers were also invited to China to teach the upper classes, but very little was done for the common man. This fed contempt for both the arrogant Chinese rulers and Tibetan Buddhism in general.

In Tibet, in order to placate the lords of the king’s many fiefdoms and entrenched tribal leaders, organized Buddhism (in the form of sects) catered to these temporal rulers and depended upon them for their patronage. Through their patronage, many monasteries, temples, medical colleges, medical clinics, and institutions of higher leaning were instituted. There was a time when over 1/3 rd of the male population were monks or lamas.

However, social and economic change was ignored. A dual standard hypocrisy arose and was unchecked by the Tibetan leadership which hypocritically declared that material life and striving was impermanent and unworthy for the masses; yet the increasing drain of human and natural resources toward building impermanent Buddhist statues, monasteries, thrones, and libraries were justified and promulgated. There were no egalitarian systems of justice. If some one was accused by some one of privilege, there was no defense possible. Simply put he was guilty and punished. People who did not know their place or threatened the landlords status quo were abused, exploited, and even killed. Lamas provided teaching for the rich for money. Poor people, who could not pay, did not receive the “higher’ teachings. In general the monastic systems because of being economically dependent upon the land lords and king, rarely did anything to challenge the fiefdom’s economic, criminal justice, or social systems where institutionalized sexism, classism, chauvinism, sectarianism, racism, sexism, and abuse occurred. Although the monks lived communally, few monasteries gained any degree of economic independence from the tribal/fiefdom lords. At various times in history various Buddhist sects became temporal leaders/kings (starting with the Nyingma, Kargyu, and Sakya, and ending with most recently the Gelug (the Dalai Lama), but social or material equity was never instituted. A fine line between life on the Tibetan plateau and the realm of an eternal heaven was certainly thinned, serving as it did to placate the harsh social inequities and fierce physical deprivation of everyday life.

One must say that materially and socially, Tibetan Buddhism was a failure, supporting temporal exploitation and social abuses and classism more than not. It was this long history of abuse and social , material, and civil advantage of a minority, which the Chinese Communists attempted to address in their revolution of Tibet (but have unfortunately not succeeded despite almost 50 years of Tibetan domination). The failure of Chinese Communism to serve the common good of its people will be addressed in another section.   

This is not the only reason that the old corrupt Tibetan culture was made to fail. *According to Buddha’s law of cause and effect (the law of karma), for each effect there exists a cause – every action will have an effect. Knowing these effects of action is wisdom. This wisdom frees humanity from creating more self-suffering. A human guided by the light within does not walk blindly even in a land where darkness reigns.

So what are some of the “bad’ karma that the lamas caused in Tibet that contributed to the destruction of most of their monasteries, libraries, medical institutions, and institutionalized monastic orders? (See footnote for more).

Obviously one major spiritual principle that Buddha taught was the truth of impermanence. Nothing that man makes will last. The world of form is constantly changing (on fire) and as such grasping onto fire will only produce severe burns and suffering. Where Buddha taught the eternal light within, Tibetan Buddhists became attached to an external authoritarian monastic institutionalized system, which became a self-serving vampire -- an albatross around the Tibetan Buddhist’s necks that was so insidious that it was invisible to both the people and the lamas. That is why the lamas and oracles could not see this coming or do anything to prevent it.

But the bad karma goes deeper.  Along side with this misplaced authoritarianism (placed on the God kings, lamas, monastic heads,  gold statues and empire building by greedy lamas dedicated to amassing more followers and hence bigger gold statues, bigger monasteries, more temporal influence, and bigger egos) was a violation of a fundamental Buddhist principle which answers the question, "where will the Buddha be found, if not within".  Lamaism thus fostered dependence upon the lama/teacher as equal or even higher than the Buddha. Indeed this in some cases can be a tool for someone to lose pride and ego, but it can and was abused to simply transfer individual pride and arrogance to the group pride and group ego – contradiction and confusion there is even harder to criticize, recognize, be owned, and given up. Although it is easy to be seduced by outer trappings, it is just as easy to be seduced by delusion. Those Buddhists who escaped such abuse mostly belonged to non-monastic traditions, no tradition, like the mountain yogi tradition (the Ngakpas) or the non-sectarian traditions (rime).

Many traditions were persecuted by the religious zealots and whole lineages were destroyed, books burned, and monasteries expropriated (read stolen) and taken over such as in the destructive activities against the Jonangpa Buddhists by the fifth Dalai Lama. Some religious groups called in foreign armies to depose rival religious heads of states such as the take over by the Mongolian armies that defeated the Tibetan army and expelled the Kargyupa lineage from temporal power. Many Dalai Lamas were prevented from ruling by the greedy hordes of reincarnated aristocratic thieves and murderers and/or died in their early twenties from "mysterious" causes.

From the outside, the picture of Tibet as being fair, idyllic, and just does not jibe with the "real Tibet" with its constant power ploys, intrigues, favoritism, corruptness, religious persecution, self promotion, rewriting of history, propaganda, and many deceptions (to self and others). The indigenous peoples (the Bon) and other groups (religions, religious sects, or ethnic) were mistreated and prejudiced against unless they bought favor with the ruling elite. General public education was refused except to the elite and the monasteries. No courts systems with fair representation for the poor existed, nor was there any chance for appeal when accused by the elite.

Worse however, millions of true seekers who could not pay for the “real” teachings, who protested the institutionalized slavery and dictatorship of Tibet who were lied to and cheated, were deprived of their spiritual heritage (their Buddha nature) by an institution who claimed to be compassionate, but in reality did not care for the welfare of the poor, the weak, or the accused. Here rare spiritual teachings (dharma, tantra, dzogchen) that found safe refuge from the Moghul hordes of India -- were sold to the highest bidders and thus the religious trust that was imparted to Tibet was betrayed.

An institution that amplifies and catalyzes human happiness, well being, peace, and enlightenment -- which is in attunement to life -- would certainly be a welcome boon to the children of the world; but elitist, aristocratic, and hierarchical institutions which are self serving, which magnify the group or collective ego, which extract potential buddhas from their innermost highest potential only misdirect, distract, mislead, and is thus inherently devious. Such spiritual suffering is the cause of severe karmic consequences and should be criticized, contemplated, acknowledged, and renounced by the sane, honest, sincere, non-hypocritical, and healthy Tibetan “leaders” in exile if they are truly not self serving and self promoting. Granted the first wave of lamas were thrown into a world that they were not prepared to engage -- and necessarily many mistakes were made. But now it is past time to be realistic and admit their past mistakes. Other wise the Chinese will be proven right, they will try to do it again and again (as addicted psychopaths tend to do).

For example if the present Dalai Lama would do this sincerely, then maybe he would convince the Chinese government that he has owned up to his responsibilities to the long term welfare of the people – that he is willing to make a real change to end the abuses of the past to admit and delineate the many abuses. Without acknowledging (rather continuing to deny) the grave unjust consequences of Tibet's past elitist policies, no such relaxation of the Chinese position is possible. Yes, it might take courage to make major changes, but I think also that wisdom and compassion should compel one -- the truth will in the end be best -- it will serve the future!

Potentially abusive situations like guruism or anthropomorphic deism (subservience to another human being or spiritual guide) in the context of an external physical human being, can have dangerous consequences lending itself to an easy abrogation and parallel transference into temporal authoritarian and classical authoritarian/totalitarian ideology. On the other hand, a healthy teacher exists as a spiritual friend or a guide pointing to the non-dual transpersonal Buddha nature innately present within the student, has no chance to mislead or foster obsequiousness and blind belief. Indeed all teachings can be made more effective when done in a friendly and egalitarian non-exploitive, but rather self-empowering framework. These kind of tendencies could be headed off from the beginning, but official Tibetan state policy in the past supported such. Hence the people became unthinkingly dependent on a corrupt self promoting but really dysfunctional elite.  

Thus, what is proposed is a radical shift in the method of teaching Buddhism as well as teaching in general, in Tibet, so that the teacher, although honored and respected, is not EVER seen as separate, elevated,  or existing outside of a non-dual context that upholds a corruptive view of a unified state/family.   Rather the pure teacher is one’s pure self – the Buddha --- he or she is our comrade in the context of true communism.  That context must be upheld continuously 24/7 not just for “advanced students” who have realized an intellectual non-dualism but has not been able to implement it while growing food or in the practice of wholistic medicine in all their relations.

Of course the Dalai Lama can not mandate such a change in all the schools from an imagined top position, but he is able to acknowledge its need and then begin to endorse its principles. Probably even within his own school it might be difficult, but none-the-less he can at least honestly attempt to teach this and institute it as best he can, that is if he recognizes the arrogant abuses of the old way. Surely if he threatens the monastic power base, the traditional aristocratic power base, and the land owner base, he will lose his own current power base, but i think he will gain the enthusiasm of the youth.

Spiritual teachings (dharma) also must not be sold for money, but rather offered on an optional donation basis. The Dalai Lama should also actively encourage that within the realms that he has influence. That will cut down on the parasitic empire building, greed, and clinging to impermanence greatly such as has amassed around the “Lamaism” of the past. This as  well will be much less of a burden on the people both materially and mentally (spiritually).

It should now be realized by the Lamaist elite that to sit upon the rich teachings of the Buddha and the Indian Mahasiddhas without giving them out freely constitutes a betrayal of trust. Spiritual teachings were entrusted to Tibet not to be hidden or used as bait for personal gain. It is not correct to hold these teachings back, let them die out, dole then out only to the rich, sell them, any further obstructed and kept secret feigning the guile of being too powerful and dangerous. certainly some teachings will be misunderstood if made widely available and many errors will be made by unpracticed aspirants, but that is a small risk when compared to trusting the people and offering the authentic dharma teachings for the benefit of all now. Teachings should be made available to all regardless of economic or class distinction. Put an end to secrets. pretension, lies, contrived vagueness, or artful mysticism. Put an end to favoritism and pride.

Of course Lamas must eat and study, but dharma teachings should be freely given on a donation basis. That way Lamas will not go into the Lamaism business for selfish reasons of self protection, greed, laziness, power, inflated sense of self-importance, lack of self worth, fame, power, or other perverse and exploitive reasons. It would be good for even the most talented lamas to work alongside the people that they claim to spiritually serve in order to make the teachings even more relevant and integrated non-dually; rather than to continue to serve an elite who live in the attics of isolated monasteries or mansions supported by the sweat of slaves serving landlords and elite financiers. Indeed Lamas and monks will eat and live well within a healthy social framework of universal abundance, collectivism, shared responsibility, cooperation, and peace which will be based on self empowerment and self actualization of their great creative evolutionary potential (Buddha Nature) latent in all beings.

If the Dalai Lama sincerely wants to work for the benefit of his people and empower them and all of China, let alone all beings everywhere and in all times; if he is sincerely able to see the error of Tibet’s  past ways earnestly, and then willing to work to rectify such – to work for healthy reform and viable future where conditions of happiness exist for all beings, then he would be a worthy addition to a new world that young and viable Chinese citizens are attempting to establish hailing in a new era of worldwide peace, cooperation, and abundance. In such an emerging China where principles of equanimity dominate, the welfare of the people primary, where truth is honored, integrity respected, where the power is given back to the people in grass roots self motivated work and farming collectivism, then within that context and under these conditions the Dalai Lama would surely be welcomed back to Tibet as an asset, rather than as a liability. This would be a win-win situation for both sides and all the people. Only ulterior agendas and false compensatory pride would suffer. .

Here mankind owes the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people gratitude for preserving the highest yoga tantra and Great Perfection teachings which emanated from the great eclectic period of the Indian Mahasiddhas. The Tibetans store housed these teachings and through their system of lineage and library they attempted to preserve them accurately for over a thousand years, albeit they also kept them secret and hidden. Such teachings and history provides the rest of mankind with much to grow upon. The history of Tibetan Lamaism also shows the futility of displacing eternal spiritual teachings with physical substitutes such as stupas, libraries, books, monasteries, statutes, lineages, and adjunctive teachings. Indeed if anything, the history of Tibet is living proof that the eternal dharma is always accessible -- always available and manifests in a myriad of ways.

"Nothing remains the same for two consecutive moments. Heraclitus said we can never bathe twice in the same river. Confucius, while looking at a stream, said, "It is always flowing, day and night." The Buddha implored us not just to talk about impermanence, but to use it as an instrument to help us penetrate deeply into reality and obtain liberating insight. We may be tempted to say that because things are impermanent, there is suffering. But the Buddha encouraged us to look again. Without impermanence, life is not possible. How can we transform our suffering if things are not impermanent? How can our daughter grow up into a beautiful young lady? How can the situation in the world improve? We need impermanence for social justice and for hope.

If you suffer, it is not because things are impermanent. It is because you believe things are permanent. When a flower dies, you don't suffer much, because you understand that flowers are impermanent. But you cannot accept the impermanence of your beloved one, and you suffer deeply when she passes away.

If you look deeply into impermanence, you will do your best to make her happy right now. Aware of impermanence, you become positive, loving and wise. Impermanence is good news. Without impermanence, nothing would be possible. With impermanence, every door is open for change. Impermanence is an instrument for our liberation."

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist Monk

The real failure of Tibetan Buddhism, as an organized religion, is a hubris which refused to look at its own mistakes and shortcomings. It is characterized by group arrogance, denial, and ignorance, not unlike that of nationalism. Rather it settled for self promotion, for self gratifying sell deceit, wishful thinking, unrealistic hope, and an exaggeration of its spiritual power, with notable exceptions. It became seduced by its own propaganda which promoted the status quo of the monasteries, land owners, and aristocracy At the expense of truth. Even today, there are Tibetan exile camps who promote such hierarchy in a sad and futile means to remain alive and hopeful -- in an attempt to hold it together in a hostile world. How will these confused people survive culturally? How many more will suffer and die? Is the answer in the truth of impermanence or rather does it lay in the Truth that we all have Buddha nature and must throw off the conditioned ignorance, programming, and propaganda and wake up? How will any of us survive without waking up soon?

Needed Reform/Change on the Chinese Government's Side

Here-to-fore the Chinese government has missed the boat in successfully helping the Tibetan people in their transition to a classless communism. In fact, there is fast becoming a sharp divide between the Tibetan underclass and the Chinese upper class in Tibet. Even in China, the corruption and disparity are increasing. Such was not the intent of the people who fought the revolution on behalf of the people. Just like in true Buddhism there is a basic acknowledgement that we are all in this together - that the exploitation of one is an exploitation of us. In China, just like in Russia, true communism has become betrayed by a new power elite. True communism is designed to destroy elitism, not reinforce it. True communism is based on great compassion and the vision of equanimity. Just like cultural, political, economic and social revolution, one must reeducate the people and cleanse them the lies that they were taught. This may require strong leadership at first, but once the people are taught how to think for themselves, then, mind control efforts must be eliminated unless they be seen as counter-revolutionary. The largest problem that the peoples republic has created is that they demanded unthinking loyalty to their ideology, never teaching their children how to think for themselves and worse never empowering them that they could.

In that self created malaise, the truth became the enemy if it contradicted party line and hence the lie or great deception became primary, while critical though, self criticism, and creative thought was suppressed. No wonder the Chinese leadership doesn't trust the monster generations that they themselves have created. They are mindless and fickle robots capable of serving and obeying one cause/illusion over another -- just tell them what to do. This "education" does not create a healthy future for China, rather the lies must stop and the people must become empowered. "All power to the people". When and how? The present Chinese government is more than hypocritical, but rather it is reactionary and counter-revolutionary. Today in China the disparity is greater than 50 years ago. There is no worker controlled grass roots union congresses, but rather they are all top down hierarchies appointed by the power elite. Thus the worker is still disenfranchised and powerless. Corruption is widespread. Disparity is increasing. Social security and health care is worsening. Worse information is not allowed to be freely exchanged, free speech and thought is suppressed, education is geared toward robotic enslavement (obedience), and deception rules. Not only is this counter-revolutionary but we will show that because it promotes the lie of ideology over the truth, then it in turn promotes cynicism, nihilism, confusion, and despair -- the opposite goals of a people's revolution. True communism is not sameness and conformity, but rather honors diversity and multiculturalism. Make no mistake, multiculturalism is not selfish "individualism" where individuals work solely for their own benefit at the detriment of the whole. Rather multiculturalism works for the whole -- all people, recognizing the communal bond that unites us all in as all kin -- all one big community. Vasudev Kutumbhkam --the Universe is One Family.

If one looks at the failure of the Russian revolution we have to admit that the older autocrats/elitists missed mobilizing the enthusiasm of the youth. Enthusiasm was at its highest at the beginning of both the Russian and the Chinese revolutions. People were willing to die for a better world. So what happened? The fire was put out by its own leaders. The cultural revolution could have been something grand, but rather it was a failure. Why? Because the leaders had no education -- they were merely ideologues acting out what it said in a (red) book.

Corruption, fear, and selfishness has set in—a new aristocracy/elitism of power mongers. There is a tendency after an idealist period for crooks, swindlers, would be emperors, and capitalists to take over with a new privileged class. All organizations suffer from this potential pitfall. It is a successful organization which overcomes it. The Chinese people have to get interested in politics and change this for their own benefit. This is where authentic communism joins together with authentic Buddhism in true equanimity, classless society, collectivism, and worker control for the common good. In order for grass roots control to be successful, wisdom must be activated. For wisdom, the truth must be honored, promoted, and take preference over promoting a cause. Promote the truth. The truth exists.

Similarly in authentic Buddhism selfishness, greed, neurosis, dysfunction, delusion, pride, consumerism, competition, hatred, fighting, and so forth are seen as manifestations of mental diseases (kleshas) – a result of being split off from one’s true self nature which is not separate. This true self is defined in terms of a universal collective consciousness which has the innate perfect seed potential for lasting happiness – an all encompassing non-dual reality wherein all people as well as natural resources are intimately bonded as kin, a mutuality, and a common future existence. In that context one does not desire to exploit another man as labor, nor the earth as mere raw resources. Such fragmented exploitation outside of the dynamic integrity of the whole is dysfunctional. Rather mankind’s governments (if it were functional and expedient) would be designed to create more abundance so that mankind is less exploited and that natural resources were more abundant. in that way the larger picture would be kept in mind and in turn joy, happiness, and the breadth of life would return to the earth and man.

Such a REALITY requires an affirmation of the truth -- of the implicate relationship of man with nature as a necessary precondition for his existence.True communists and Buddhists alike are here for the benefit of all people without exception, because they have learned a truth about human existence, human nature, and consciousness. They have raised their level of consciousness. That is the acknowledgement of "Reality as-it-is" without an ulterior agenda, an artificial or superficial overlay . To manifest a vision where mankind is no longer exploited, abused, and used as a slave for the benefit of the bourgeois or any elite, then first a healthy sustainable vision beyond capitalism (which is the disease) is needed. Then mankind can critically acknowledge their past mistakes. Throw off the yoke of a capitalist dysfunctional systems based on the illusion that natural resources are unlimited. Then and only then will mankind be capable of ruling themselves rather than to be ruled by others (exploiters, tyrants, totalitarian states, etc. Only when mankind wakes up to his true place in nature, will his actions be anything more than self enslaving, self adversarial, fraught with conflict, and dysfunctional. Such is the power of consciousness to affect social justice. Such a revolution takes place first in the heart -- people can not implement and maintain a revolution based on ideology, theory, dogma, or intellectualized logic, rather it must be something experienced, felt, alive, and real. Otherwise life becomes a war of zombies and robots against each other.

Here in ALL OUR RELATIONS authentic Buddhists uphold the communal spirit – the selfless nature of man as well as an innate unselfishness (non-duality). At the same time authentic communists uphold this ideal in actual economic, agricultural, political, social, work, and health maintenance situations affirming this principle of serving the people. Both authentic Buddhists and authentic communists want to serve the people and the children of not only China, but the world. Thus they share a universal vision of compassion and equanimity. The people have this mutuality -- common vision and aspiration for peace and abundance, but the elitists fear the people.

Thus by the people uniting in their common altruistic desire truth will replace the lies, confusion will be overcome by wisdom, the horrible waste of war and killing can be eventually be replaced by peace and abundance.

The natural socio-political structure/manifestation for authentic Buddhism is authentic communism. Here health care, social security, education, self empowered worker controlled labor councils, environmental and economic policies, and so forth are made functional and effective equally for everyone. There should be no opposition toward this in a functional people serving government. The essential spirit to achieve this manifestation is found in authentic Buddhism, while the sociopolitical framework can be found in authentic communism.  

When is it that people feel happy, feel most empowered, least threatened, most cooperative, and work most joyously and productively together?   The answer is that this occurs when they are in love – working for the common good of all their brothers and sisters. Where the old Buddhism ignored the basic structures and even permitted abuses to both people and the land, equally as bad, the old communism paid only lip service to the evils of selfish thought, greed, capitalist mentality, elitism, and power mongering,  thus in a dysfunctional way it promoted the very thing which the real revolutionaries fought against. Elitism is a crime in communism, and especially so when it is committed by those who call themselves communists.   Now is the time to put a classless society into place based on love and selfless service to the common good. This completion of the revolution will require repentance and self criticism of the present day Chinese communist leadership in its ultimate realization of a true proletarian state that is truly democratic and just. Here the love, equanimity, and loving kindness of Buddhism nicely melds with communistic principles of cooperation and mutual trust.  

Inequality and injustice go together. They are opposed by equanimity, egalitarian systems, equal opportunity, love, and compassion. Consumerism, greed, selfishness, power over others, elitism, exploitation, and violence are mere symptoms of men whop have forgotten their collective evolutionary – man alienated, estranged, and cut off from his collective roots – rooted in the land as well as our habitat and fellow creatures.

Man requires access to his environment in order to breathe, drink, eat, find shelter, medicine, creative social endeavors – in short to fully live. A healthy state provides this structure for access, but a dysfunctional and tyrannical state deprives man and separates him from such access. An unhealthy state exploits, abuses, and creates violence, disease, scarcity, turmoil, and suffering for man. A healthy state serves life and in that healthy context mankind finds his home in abundance, health, peace, and happiness. Authentic communism goes further than a defense against the exploitations and abuses of capitalism but rather gives full reign to mankind’s transpersonal identity as a WE – in a transpersonal recognition, honoring, and joyful celebration of all life. Authentic communal, collective, community oriented, joint effort is the outward manifestation   based on the common assumption – the ground of the earth, of creation, of creativity, of the creative spirit that resides in ALL OUR RELATIONS if we rare to act in integrity and love. Such a union lies at the core/heart of existence, it cannot die, yet it can be hidden, latent, made to be dormant, repressed/suppressed but not for long.       

The Transition

As the leadership of both parties realize the superficial errors of the past and renew their dedication to the true welfare of all sentient beings everywhere as well as in the future and past, in an atmosphere that links grass roots concerns, the economy, ecology, and international collectivism, then the tensions between Buddhism and Communism will naturally vanish as such is based on confusion. Those truly desiring peace. abundance, justice, and happiness will achieve it, while those who stand in the way will suffer from their misguided actions and harmful thoughts. Honoring life in the future, honors and gives meaning to those who cultivated the soil for it in the past.

The awakening human being will start to see the bigger picture and that vision will sustain and empower them, making them even stronger. People will see their common benefits eventually and will no longer be victimized by self promoters and mendacity. Communists will no longer fear that an oppressive, abusive, and exploitive religious elitism will return to Tibet, while Tibetan Buddhists will no longer fear that the Chinese will destroy their grass roots culture, exploit, abuse, or force them into slavery to serve a greedy and paranoid Chinese elitist regime and power hungry self interested corrupt empire in faraway Beijing.  Such an empowering grass roots transition will be seen as beneficial to the peoples of both Tibetan and Chinese backgrounds, as well as a boon to the workers, farmers, and good working people world wide. An alliance of all beings will thus eventually be formed for mutual celebration of man's happiness and creative potential. Authentic communism and authentic Buddhism both recognize that we are all kin -- we are all in it together and must cooperate for our future happiness. this is done with empowered minds and empowered bodies -- healthy minds and bodies -- integrity of body, mind and the spirit of the people! The ecosphere will be brought back into integrity and self sustainability will be promoted because of the recognition of a profound mutual causality. Working together to this end is very very powerful!

Some people have already seen this vision. Others have not opened to it yet. We are not advocating nationalism as a force that separates people but rather as a force that creates abundance, happiness, and richness. We are not suggesting nationalism in its reactionary sense as an identification of people to artificial manmade boundaries, skin color, language, or culture; but grass root indigeneity, where people identify with the land, where they acknowledge that they belong to the land, where they respect life and thus can act as an agent to promote it, where the land is their common heritage to create abundance and happiness, where life is honored in actions that rooted in the true expression of compassion and ahimsa. All culture (as well as agriculture) grow out of this healthy relationship with mother nature or else it is characterized by its abuse toward her, the exploitation of her resources, and the exploitation of her people. One way is pro-life and healthy. It empowers people. The other way exploits the land and people, consumes resources and people, and creates scarcity and unhappiness. Communism does not exist without a sense of community. Communities are not anticommunist. Grass roots empowerment should be seen as the goal, not the enemy just as a real communist is concerned with the benefit of the rank and file, the worker, the farmer, and the greater the community. If not, what is communism for once the capitalists are kicked out?

Thus this final revolution, turning of the true Dharma, will be supported on the strong and healthy shoulders of a people who is awakening to their highest potential in harmony with a life positive spirit filled form of government. Present day excesses, wastefulness, pollution, corruption, exploitation, and friction will be eliminated while natural positive enthusiasm for an integrated happy future will naturally generate the required impetus to embrace change. Authentic communist principles will be applied to the work place as well as the central committees giving voice and control back to the now empowered and wizened workers and farmers. At the same time Authentic Buddhism will teach people how to adjust to change and embrace it. Both groups will unite as one for the benefit of all beings. They will become deception slayers -- truth sayers. Creative potential will be realized and manifest through activating and harmonizing the mind and body, engendering the integrity of spirit and nature, heaven and earth -- spiritual technology in everyday life. The present state of stagnation will thus end when the wisdom of this direction becomes evident and self propelling. The evolutionary/revolutionary energy has its own impetus, but man's corrupt social systems have not yet given it vent. This is because man himself has heretofore been asleep, but now such waste can no longer be tolerated by the earth. Now, man was wake up and unite!  


The people of the future desire insurance that such atrocities will not happen again. The major problem has been that originally good intentioned revolutionaries such as Mao Tse-Tung (Mao Zedong), Moses, Buddha, Jeshua ben Josef have allowed their loving intent for the welfare of future generations to be corrupted by self serving institutions lead by bureaucrats, elitists, aristocrats, priesthoods of either church or state (or both). These self serving institutions   have been the bane of the world and the cause of countless suffering. The land of the Snows is a good example.

Buddha threw off the caste system, the Brahmin priesthood, idol worship, and man’s enslavement to ritual, ceremony, and human servitude around 500 BC, but the aforementioned empire building tendencies in the Land of the Snows corrupted Buddha’s teachings by promulgating the idea that an impermanent institutionalized religion burdened with elaborate ceremony, ritual, hierarchy, priesthoods,   iconography, idolatry, and complexity was better than Buddha’s teachings. Thus institutions were fabricated to displace pure Buddhism in Tibet and corrupt Buddha’s pure teachings. Thus a bond of trust was violated between the teachers of India who entrusted the teachings to the Tibetans and the “evolution” of Tibetan Buddhism where these teachings became hidden, sold, and doled out to the wealthy or obsequious.

Similarly, Karl Marx and Mao Tse-Tung envisioned a people’s (proletariat) government that was controlled by the worker and farmer (proletariat), but a self serving institutionalized empire formed around that nucleus which corrupted the very essence of the revolutionary fervor (driving force of the revolution). Instead of nurturing the Chinese children in self criticism, critical thought, creative thinking, and self discovery wherein the children are able to form their own opinions, think for themselves critically, and thus are capable of self government and self rule, a self serving hierarchy became afraid of its own people, the workers, and the peasants and decided to rob them of their ability to think critically, thus submerging them in propaganda – the religion of the state. Fearing its own people, rather than to encourage the critical mind and debate, institutionalized state propaganda machines alienated the worker and farmer from the state apparatus to the point that most citizens were not capable of self government, critical, or creative thought. Education after the revolution failed the masses because it did not trust human nature – the ability of the proletariat to govern itself, which is the assumption and aim of true communism.        

Similarly this occurred in Christianity and similar institutions where the institution saw itself as the more important guardian of the teachings and principles than the institutionalization of the principles. In these systems there is simple transference from one system of authority to another while the common man is left in servitude (either mental, physical, or both). This corruption occurs where any institution is constructed that is placed in a superior position in relation to welfare of future generations, hence one’s entire vision and purpose of life becomes perverted or corrupted and the people lose their sense of purpose, self worth, positive enthusiasm,   and sense of collective power. That death is worse than physical death.  

These institutions which step on life itself, pose a threat to the future of life in total. These institutions rather promote obeisance to the institution, its representatives, administrators, priesthoods – its mothers and fathers or in short to a self serving external authoritarian system rather than to the innate authority and wisdom residing within all of life. This fabrication of man’s institution serves thus as an ersatz self promulgating compensation for man’s disconnection with nature and his true nature, thus preventing him from re-connecting it. For the very nature of these ersatz institutions tend toward self preservation and ultimately totalitarianism stripping man of his own innate and natural self regulation/inner wisdom while placing the state, the religion, state/religion, chieftain, cult leader, district war lord, and/or priesthood/administrator in the role of ultimate authority and control.

The way around this is simple. Implement Buddha’s foundational teachings of impermanence, no greed, love, and compassion in the common good. Visualize the workings of one’s heart to be in harmony with the workings of one’s water systems, agriculture, culture, educational system, medicinal system, and government so that life is honored and our highest potential in peace and creativity is achieved collectively in ALL OUR RELATIONS. Follow your revolutionary vision fully for the ultimate benefit of all people.

Thus a living spirituality does not live in remote monasteries but is reflected in the fields of life – in the hearts, minds, words, and hands of the people. Lasting happiness is not achieved via more food for food’s sake, but through being nourished spiritually by living and implementing a meaningful communal creative vision in ALL OUR RELATIONS. Such a life is worth living and working towards -- it is fulfilling. Vasudev Kutumbhkam --the Universe is One Family! 

What has been created by man and which is known as "today's world" can no longer bear the burden of self serving institutions -- such can not withstand the onslaught of Reality. Such is collapsing even now. That and "they" must give way to institutions which nourish and support life -- which serve the people and their true happiness -- which serve the purpose of evolution, creation, and the uninhibited impetus of creativity. Part and parcel of hailing in such a new world order of abundance are dedicated minds with aspirations toward that end. This occurs when people join in that celebration which is empowered through the wisdom which can only be obtained through joyous union, by self inquiry, and unobstructed truth. Thence an effortless mastery ensues where there is no thing to master. In Reality, no thing exists as separate phenomena outside of that great ongoing story and dance which is wide, dimensionless, and deep.

Part of this necessary inevitable wake up call for humanity is the realization of true communalism -- authentic communism, i.e., that we are all in this together as a co-creative universe -- that we share the same larger community and are mutually interdependent. Human institutions must be re-evaluated critically by each and every generation -- an awareness given to ALL OUR RELATIONS -- in order to revitalize and/or realign them as vehicles toward life's higher purpose. People must be empowered by functional institutions which empower them to make necessary healthy changes as the times change, as well as to empower them with discriminatory wisdom and awareness of the various guises of power grabbers and deceivers, hence disarming them and perchance to re-educate, reprogram, disarm, and heal them. This is the joyful responsibility of the honest people of integrity -- the joyful man who has a happy and healthy heart. Those who have remembered! Soon there will be no other alternative than this. Those who resist will be eaten by their self created monsters.

Our collective spiritual amnesia has created a self perpetuating field of chronic separation -- an institutionalized split, the causes and conditions for suffering, a desire monster, greed monster, a war monster, a hate monster, a competition monster, a thief monster -- a fixated deception born from diversion. The monster is fed by deception (the chronic ignorance of the truth). We must starve this war on truth. We must re-learn to walk the earth in remembrance- whole, and in love. Thus we must relearn and reintegrate, because when we were born we were fresh in the memory of that wholeness – but conditioning/programming and the lies of mass deception quickly abstracted/extracted us with its dazzling lights and seductions, compensatory desires, substitutes, and diversions of our indigenous primary energy circuits. What do we know of the "other world" as children has become forgotten, but we can learn to deeply re-member.

That forgetfulness produces grief – it feeds the lies of war. The demons are within us. War and hated are their externalization and projection. The shadow world has to be dealt with – with love – we have to recognize ourselves as kin and face the devil squarely. The lies have to be destroyed, illusions have to let go of. Where is our loyalty?

Let us feed the truth by acknowledging the heart rend/split. Let us build that Rainbow Bridge together – the one that always is – the one we all forgot. We have to acknowledge the deception and the fear … and the grief… and the suffering -- and then take the oath not to be part of it anymore – the one and only vow to be free from it entirely. Indigenous peoples know that they belong to the earth and the earth belongs to them. No one can rightfully own or exploit it. No individual owns individual property, for there are no individuals separate from the all in that reality which binds us all -- at the time of the Great regathering....

"This locked-up grief has to be metabolized. As a culture and as individuals,we must begin feeling our grief — that delicious, fantastic, eloquent medicine. Then we can start giving spiritual gifts to the land we live on, which might someday grant our grandchildren permission to live there.”

Martin Prechtel

To the Earth Mother Pachamana - Suyrumama; to the mother country in endless deep love!

On the Karmic Cause of Tibet's Diaspora: Self serving self deceit and denial.

The official explanation by the Dalai Lama as to “why” there has been so much widespread destruction to Buddhist Monasteries and culture in Tibet since the Chinese Communist invasion in 1959 has taken many forms. The most widely publicized explanation is because Tibet had invaded China in the past and thus this is merely karmic justice.

That analysis makes little sense since the law of karma is based on past causes. The invasions by Tibet into the Gobi desert areas, Mongolia, and the Han lands (that are now China occurred before Buddhism was established as a state religion in Tibet, not after. In fact after Buddhism was established in Tibet, the wars between Tibet and China pretty well ceased although the intrigues and border skirmishes continued. Secondly, the wars between Tibet and what is now part of China never reached a point where the Chinese culture was severely decimated, demeaned, or destroyed.

A second less well known (outside of Tibetan circles) is that the Tibetan Government in exile blames a certain cult and their associated protector deity for the demise of Tibet. However what should be entirely clear is that although Tibetan Buddhism which has uniquely emphasized earth protector deities and ceremonies for many centuries (despite such not existing in Buddhism elsewhere) such trust put in protector deities has utterly failed, as well as their entire fortune telling/oracle system which the Dalai Lama had become so dependent. In the past the well being of the Tibetan government and people had largely been credited to the protector deities (which are ceremonially given by the Lamas) and various other ceremonies performed by the Lamas. So doubt has to be raised as to the credence of the protector deity idea, their wise choices, their relevance, and their efficacy if one is a victim of this situation and wished to proceed. The problem has been that mainly the people of Tibet were taught that they couldn't really understand these things by themselves, so logical inquiry was repressed while the authority of the Lamas and the King were at the same time supported. This is another truth that the old Tibetan Kingdom still denies. Again here as elsewhere, one must promote the truth not one's cause in order to get clear of bad karma. What is the truth of this matter?

Rather the more plausible explanation that elicits this common brutality (bad karma) that was generated in Tibet by the Buddhists the past 1000 years were self caused karmic consequences brought about as an abrogation of authentic Buddhist law (dharma violations) as well as universal egalitarian/justice principles associated with nature and creation where self inquiry and authentic wisdom could have been encouraged versus obedience, conformity, and emulation. These abuses rather became self perpetuating, institutionalized and chronic. Denial set in and the myth replaced the reality -- the fantasy covered up the wisdom -- one became numb to the truth in front of one's eyes. Hence the karmic stage for the Chinese invasion was created. Although it could have become averted, the Dalai Lama's dependence upon his corrupt advisors and oracles dealt Tibetan culture its present fate. Again not that the Dalai Lama himself is to be blamed, but one must understand this blindness as a karmic pattern of long standing denial, self deceit, and defensive posturing of a self promoting elitism that had been perpetuated for many hundreds of years. It was that karma which was ripening that then coalesced into these players acting as they did under these circumstances.

Here we are not suggesting that the Dalai Lama is to blame, rather he was negatively influenced, conditioned, and victimized himself by his own advisors and institutions which as a self serving institution grew up over hundreds of years until he was somewhat blinded and led astray. Deceit or self deceit, the Tibetans did not see what was happening and thus they did not change their situation effectively. A deeper analysis discloses a group mind at work, a group karma, a group karmic propensity that increasingly and unyieldingly placed authority into the hands of a self serving institutionalized and transgenerational tulku (reincarnated) system) with a self propagating institutionalized elitism and control system which furthered its own self importance and authority (creating more "dependence" and veneration by the masses) by corrupting authentic Buddha dharma principles (such as in requiring guru worship, faith in traditional rituals, stupas, malas, monasteries, statues, ceremony, and self deification) in a conformity/obedience that denied individual creative expression which was viewed as , rebellion Such an institutionalized rationalization process of self justification maintained the aloofness of the status quo while fabricating the necessity of dependence upon traditional elite temporal support institutions which are impermanent and in direct contradiction to Buddha's original teaching. Ignorance is always responsible for suffering and bad karma. So the solution is simple; i.e., wake up and remove ignorance, fight against it, stand up for truth!

A long list of "abuse" in the traditional Tibetan society can be enumerated in the ordinary sense. Spiritual teachings were denied to the poor, but freely given to the rich, the abusive, and the most greedy. In short the Buddha dharma was sold. Dependence was created upon a lineage/hierarchy of self serving religious human preceptors (tulkus) and monastic heads at the detriment of empowering the masses toward recognizing the Buddha nature within. External structure and dependence upon statutes, gods, lineages, monasteries, libraries, books, universities and other manmade temporary artifices were emphasized as a spiritual teaching (contrived, manmade, and impermanent objects) while the true teachings of impermanence (eternal presence of Buddha ) was neglected. A corrupt conspiracy of politicians, landowners, and religionists was fostered wherein a dependency upon such were concomitantly created. Where the masses were sick and starving, monasteries built gold gilded Buddhas and demanded high fees for religious favors. The monastic orders claimed higher authority, while sanctioning the infallibility of the state, government, and civil rule. Lamas became drunk that it was their prayers alone which was responsible for good fortune, while calamity was always the work of "evil others". When the khampas tried to defend Tibet, they were ridiculed and discouraged by many superstitious and arrogant Lamas who thought they alone could protect the Tibetans through Lamaism exclusively (wishful thinking, unrealistic hopes, conceit, and arrogance). Hence via a Lamaist government Tibetan "reform" politics became vilified, demonized, and condemned as a mundane, "worldly" and selfish activity based on worldly desire (non-religious) versus what was championed as a compassionate, divinely just, and aloof self indulgent if not self promoting tradition which promised salvation to the poor and favorable rebirth to the practitioners. Many elements in the Tibetan Government in exile actually opposed the Khampa "rebels" (or should we call them freedom fighters) who received only implicit/tacit support in June 1958, and even there, they never received full support of the Dalai Lama's government. Today over 50 years after the Chinese occupation, the poor Tibetan youth are angry and the future of the Tibetan civilization/culture and language is uncertain. neither "side" in this debate is "right" except for that which goes beyond "them and us" -- which includes all -- the past, present, and future as a recognizable whole.

The worse travesty is to deny a budding buddha its expression, Old Tibet was less than perfect, and although on the surface it professed to help awaken all sentient beings, such an awakening dos not occur in the human realm without first a human body. The human body does not manifest without oxygen, water, sunshine, earth and other beings; while such does not manifest without the universe and the primordial tradition.

What the Dalai Lama Must Do (if he wants to return to Tibet)

Hence, if HH the Dalai Lama wants to return to Tibet, the PRC may show interest if he were to show genuine regret for the past abrogations of traditional Tibet in regard to repression of its people and past indifferences to traditional injustices, not just admitting to a few past military incursions. Giving up political rule is no longer of consequence, as the Tibetan Government in exile has no existing political power in Tibet. Encouraging Tibetans to join the Communist party in order to and achieve positive change within the political process would also be welcome. China will change. There is no question about that. It will change from within.

Although today's Communist Peoples Republic of China is corrupt and has lost sight of its basic purpose to serve the people, it has accomplished phase one by making the transpersonal Vajrayana Buddha Dharma available to the world. It is up to future Chinese Communists to make their country more equitable and just drawing on its indigenous strengths.

The Issue of Ownership: WE versus Me: Land as an Expression of Space

Fundamental to both Buddhism and Communism is the issue of ownership, ownership of the land, ownership of things, goods, and the means of production.

Buddhism does not believe that egoic ownership is anything other than an error of judgment, a malaise which causes suffering, the basic illness which afflicts human beings. Within this framework, competition for ownership within a community is a sign of deprivation. strife, aversion, and limited vision. In Buddhism this is the fundamental truth of anatta. This truth lies at the core basis of Buddhism.   

Similarly in Communism private or individual ownership is in opposition to common property to be administered for the benefit of all. Here cooperation and collective effort replaces competition and individual action.
Here the common property of the land as well as the means of production embraces the core principle of anatta. That is, at the core, there is no value to private ownership and similarly the very assumption  of the exploitation of people as slaves or slave ownership to abuse or to make profit is an act of cruelty, coming from deprivation and depravity. Like Buddhism there exists a voluminous amount of literature on this subject.

Given the vast similarity between Buddhism and Communism there is one basic difference. In Buddhism happiness is a state of mind, convinced that physical objects of ownership or self gratification are insufficient for lasting happiness. Hence Buddhism is rooted on a larger vision while communism is its reflection as a socioeconomic expression in action. For example the reading Karl Marx, one must acknowledge his psycho-social principles especially regarding the nature of reification, consumerism, and ownership.

In both systems that which is in the common good for all, the community --for WE, is considered paramount over "the ME" -- individual covetousness, greed, selfishness, jealousy, craving, hatred, and depravity. When that "WE" is extended to one big family, all our relations, all beings, all the land, the great vast expanse of all pervasive space, vast compassion and love, then all will benefit in ways yet undreamt. Within this context, people thus can not be owned, possessed, exploited, bought or sold.

This is the timeless primordial and compassionate vision of the innate awakened one, the all compassionate one, the one who is awakening within all beings and things.

Human beings are a vital part of the land. The land is a part of the solar system, galaxy, universe, and the process of evolution/creation which makes human life possible. That is the prerequisite for a successful connection with the timeless primordial and inter-dimensional source which is reflected in a transpersonal realization of non-dual interdependence where emptiness and vivacity are inseparable. This love happens naturally and spontaneously, yet human conditioning, culture, institutions, and society can act as hindrances as well as catalysts. When the human being reflects their true nature, then humans will build structures accordingly. Likewise, human institutions, conditions, and activities affect and condition human consciousness, however the bonds of such programming can be broken. Hence the love and genius of human consciousness once evolved and awakened to a certain degree can effect unimaginable and compassionate fruit once WE put our minds to that great joyful and sublime undertaking.

Planet earth is the space, yet that space exists only in context within the greater whole – the interspatial and inter-dimensional all-encompassing hologram which makes room for the future and is free from sequential time. If we allow for it, we are the voice of the earth, of all beings, of all beings and things.  

The future is in the present because the seeds of the future are being generated right now. With proper vision we can effect the future now if we allow sufficient space and vision to entertain the evolutionary power of consciousness. Primordial consciousness is mostly an untapped power, which when applied consciously is capable of forming previously unimaginable results.

The End of Karma: One Big Family as Vasudev Kutumbhkam --the Universe is One Vast Family

Thus a classless communism was clearly the exact remedial karmic consequences for such abuses. At least many desired such as karmic recompense. A classless communism based on equal opportunity for all is thus in the future for Tibet – a Buddhism not based on elitism, money, golden Buddhas, gilded monasteries, self serving ego extensions, self aggrandizement, nor spiritual materialism, but on the common weal and lasting benefit of all. This is not based on conformity, sameness, fear of diversity, nihilisms, materialistic physicality because there is nothing to separate in all encompassing and all inclusive diversity. Thus the Bodhisattva intention for the weal of all fits together tightly with the beginningless beginning and beyond the end. It perfectly meshes together with "serve and feed the people" a favorite saying of Mao Tse Tung. This innate idea which is the birthright of all beings, is the most powerful ally. Here the diseases of consumerism (bourgeois desires such as greed or possessiveness) vanish as the desire to control, manipulate, or exploit, people, things, or events vanish -- as elitism is destroyed and banished by innate joy. This is in eminent harmony with the Buddhist ideal of anatman (anatta) -- that there is no separate individual self that possesses or owns anything.

Elitist power crazed self promoting people are chronic liars. They are always promoting themselves and their cause. They are stressed and unhappy. As promoters of the war on truth, they must be treated as spiritual aberrations and carriers of the plague by both true revolutionary and spiritual leaders, rather than as leaders to be followed. In a healthy society (fueled by healthy minds that acknowledge, respect, and are in in harmony with the life force), temporal power (political power) is placed in the hands of a responsible people in order to empower the living. This can not be accomplished with ignorance and lies, rather truth and the ability to think critically and independently is the essential ingredient for long term growth. Stability and peace is based on this power and responsibility where the mind and body, spirit and nature, the absolute and temporal are not viewed as oppositional, but rather a necessary whole -- a great integrity. Experiencing this great integrity as our greater community, it is a true communism". Experiencing this great integrity as our true nature, it is authentic Buddhism.

A true Communist and Buddhist understands oneself as an intimate part of nature, creation, and the creative beginningless process -- as not separate. They intimately know that their true well being is inextricably bound together with that of all other beings. Herein reestablishing man's energetic connections with the entire whole of creation as well as the uncreated beginningless Source is the wholeness which underlies wholesomeness. Here in ALL OUR RELATIONS the root causes of manmade social diseases are stamped out psychologically (because behavior follows the mind, just as external conditions can condition the mind). Wholesomeness in the body politic is a two way street, not an either/or proposition. Here all neurotic needs are no longer compensated for through dissipating materialistic cravings for ersatz unnecessary impermanent objects in the future which hold no lasting happiness. Here in ALL OUR RELATIONS the addiction of consumerism has ended.

When one's true intention and inspiration is strong, then one's impetus in natural behavior and action naturally follow as consequences. Here true happiness is found in love -- as a community MIND in the unification with all things/beings -- as citizen of the world beyond any classism, racism, sexism, nationalism, sectarianism, religionism, pride, or ego separations. This is the truth. This is a realm of infinite and pregnant diversity penetrated by a conscious intelligent force of love and wisdom. It is not a gray sameness but abundance! It is not sacrifice and suffering but joy. Do not be afraid of joy and only love suffering. This is an error.

Here in ALL OUR RELATIONS people live in harmony in the sacred now presence with all their possession free relations -- sharing all in common naturally without possessiveness or any idea of a separate selfish self identity -- in authentic love and trust -- in natural joy and happiness -- in peace and enthusiastic work for the weal of the people. Such is in accordance with the highest intent of human evolution. Those who honor this intent are the true Communists and Buddhists -- they work for the common weal of all unselfishly. Here war is ultimately defeated.

Clarity around mental/emotional peace is the result of a spiritual insight as to where/who one is -- it is about identity with all one's relations. Heretofore it has been the uncommon man who seeks out that at universal unbiased identity -- there one knows the truth that can not be owned or possessed by any separate self/individual. It is impossible. The common man on the other hand acts inside out the conflicts and tensions that their inner demons create (and then they externalize them). These fabricated demons form a collective consciousness -- the power of nightmare. Yet the uncommon man has aligned himself with natural forces, with life, creation, creativity -- inspiration. These uncommon men are steady in that universal transpersonal reality as their support. They are the true leaders, but modern leaders are steady only in limited external/temporal power and things. For these their foggy shadow world is overpowering, It casts the smoke of paranoia upon humankind. When the Hindu God, Rama, attacks Ravana in order to free Sita, there is resistance (a fight), just as when Arjuna confronts his relatives on the field of dharma, just as the holy jihad is the human being's inner spiritual fight between the forces of darkness (the egoic or limited mindset), personal pride, greed, neurotic desire, and depravity on one side; and humankind's transpersonal, compassionate, unlimited, transconceptual vast evolutionary potential on the other side. One who does not understand their inner conflicts is fated to externalize them -- he becomes triggered by limited temporal events and continues to create their manifestation, all of which mimic his inner mental thought patterns, constructs, and ideas about "reality" and "self".

This reification of man's unresolved inner conflict/war spiritual war is caused and fought on the spiritual/psychological planes first, but because of coarse and limited self knowledge mankind projects it onto the world including his view. Thus limited and obscured vision is the cause which plagues the earth until man causally wakes up. This war is really based on both the denial of the truth, by the ego (delusion), by confusion, and its institutionalized repression. Hence human beings have become dispossessed from their true self early on in life through transgenerational institutions of crass indifference, ignorance, and repression. The ego having disowned the reality of his authentic self, disowns/denies the disowning, and then disowns/denies that he is disowning the disowning, and so forth fabricating defense lines that insulate the ego from the assault of truth upon its dearly beloved delusion. Thus to an ego oriented person who is trapped in that cycle, nothing serves his devious purpose better than an evil enemy. Being the foe of evil, one automatically is elevated to being good and righteous. That is why elite demagogues are so successful because they know how to manipulate people's inner afflictions, needs, estrangement, grief, and lack of self worth. This all too common error in thinking is coming to its logical conclusion as ego oriented people, their institutions, and leaders are self suffocating and self destructing.

As truth dawns these inner conflicts, tensions, and delusions are resolved. As these fights are nearing their closure, man will construct a monument to his newly found vision in his social constructs and institutions which will serve the people, smoothly.

How will this revolution/evolution occur? We will assume that the elitists will be the last people to wake up, so it will not come from them. Rather it will rise up from the people as they awake. This is why Chairman Mao said that it was one's responsibility to raise the consciousness of the people. Although such has always been opposed by tyrants, demagogues, oppressors and slave owners such an awakening is inevitable. Such will herald in an unprecedented age of peace and abundance.

In the above discussion, many limited viewpoints have been identified which are commonly associated with "evil" and demons, but they are merely "isms", dogma, shortsighted, and superficial viewpoints, such as totalitarianism, authoritarianism, guruism, sexism, racism, sectarianism, nationalism, theism, Buddhism, chauvinism, dogmatism, communism, nationalism, capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, elitism, nihilism, eternalism, consumerism, corporatism, classism, capitalism, globalism, etc. As a remedy it may have appeared that other "isms" were promoted with the aim that in the end all ideology would be dropped. In the end what is being proposed is the end of "isms" and "ism" making -- the end of all conceptually based fabrications, logically correct "right" views, conformity, and dogma. Beyond those wars of self promoting beliefs, beyond false identifications and fear, beyond confusion and limitation, there are no adequate labels -- there are no such separations, rather there is limited knowledge (called ignorance) and unlimited knowledge. The end of actions based on logos, logic, or dialectics, in favor of the innate vast knowledge found in the heart. The latter being all pervasive and primordial, the HeartMind in itself -- self expressive, but unfortunately most commonly ignored, hidden and repressed.

Here in the open space of primordial/indigenous time the heart beats strong and one KNOWS limitlessly. Man, in order to align with his true nature as part and parcel of the divine (or if you like creative innately intelligent) process of creation which is beyond fabrication or contrivation -- beyond separate self identifications and imaginary boundaries, thus taps into the unlimited Source -- aligns with that co- emergent synchronicity. That is the power that can not be stopped or defeated which is arising to heal the planet occurring in the place without names , labels or isms -- in truth and consciousness.

In the future people will get sick of the lies and being lied to, and their natural instinct for truth and life will arise. They will stop participating in the war against truth. Such is arising even now. They will patiently demand the truth as they become stronger in truth. Their desire for truth will become stronger than the desire for lies, self flattery, and self conceit/deceit, or numbness. This awakened will for truth is an alignment with the creative impetus of the universe -- the flowering manifestation of the dormant evolutionary potential of consciousness.

The truth will reveal our real condition -- it will provide for the revelation of the marriage of love and life -- creation and creator, spirit and nature, mind and body -- space and light -- the clarity of compassion -- true wholesomeness. The truth will activate OUR deeper potential -- it is our deepest Buddha potential -- it is wholeness/wholesomeness itself. What is truth? Truth is revealed by the vast awareness of what-is. It is awareness of the innate intelligent process of awareness, and hence leads to the awareness itself -- awareness to awareness. Truth then reveals the true nature of consciousness or true nature of Mind.

This dormant potential is innate in all beings. It is being catalyzed as you read this. The Chinese people, the Tibetan people, the Mongols, the Moslems, Christians, Africans, Europeans, Americans, ... All. They will wake up and discard the lies and deceptions -- the institutions and liars who hold them captive. They will no longer feel a need for their self promoting charades, deceptions, dogma, and ideology. They will no longer fear anything as much as the fog of self deception -- the nightmare of mass deception and illusion -- the bringer of insecurity, fear, and discomfiture. They will naturally throw the deceivers and deception off as one, like a duck sheds water. They will gladly welcome the removal of that burdensome fog and plague that had heretofore resided upon their own countenances.

They will no longer desire the diversion and deception of seeking out an evil enemy to identify or blame, nor a cause to champion, but rather they will take responsibility for their own future -- for their children until the great gathering circle is complete. One aligns thus with the causeless cause. Until the grieving is over. In this process of re-membering, people will no longer desire the numbness of forgetfulness and self deception, but cry out to reconnect to the heartland -- their true homeland, their indigeneity. Here in re-membering there is no enemy because there is no separate self. In this marvelous causeless unconditioned natural wholeness, there is no need to label, identify, or name -- no need to limit or close down.

They will make an affirmation, a commitment, a bond, a vow to fight for the unutterable spaciousness of truth -- for its liberation in everyday affairs. They will exhibit truth and in doing so they will unleash truth knowing that falsehood can not withstand truth. They will give birth to timeless life revealing it. They will gladly let go of their petty defensive self centered and conceited needs for self deception and ego delusion as a heavy burden which is cast off. They will not covet it any longer. They will embrace the beauty, love, and light as their innate highest potential and act upon that joyfully, naturally, and wholeheartedly . They will be strong in living in truth. They will manifest their original pure nature. They will love more deeply than ever before. They will live in community. Vasudev Kutumbhkam --the Universe is One Vast Family!

Of course we are all indigenous in that we are from the earth and we are all part of the seed heart of evolutionary momentum, but most don't remember/acknowledge that. Most human beings have become suppressed/repressed. That memory is too small and the forgetfulness has become too large. Connecting to the body to the HeartMind allows us to connect with the earth, thus connecting with life, the universe, and an all pervasive omnipresence. Connecting with the planet allows us to connect with the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, the evolutionary force, nature, creativity and timeless creative source. This is the way indigenous people honor this very life, all life, evolution, and sustainability universally without attachment. What does it mean to be indigenous? Basically it means that spirit as love and wisdom, is HERE. Recognizing Spirit as everpresent and translocal -- as sacred presence is here and now and everywhere -- boundless and all pervading -- in the eternal now which is indigenous time and which all things/phenomena are its reflections. This fourth way, Noh way, all way, is the natural expression of the 1000 armed form of Infinite Compassion and Wisdom. Unbecoming and indecorous-- Here is spirit. This is what "WE" know and how "WE" act collectively in harmony and love. May it be known widely devoid of obstruction or obscuration. WE are indigenous! WE are primordial. WE are the Ongwhehonwhe. WE are vehicles for that love and knowledge and can hold that space. Those rainbow warriors whom are happy now and forever unleash the truth! Help us unleash the truth and unleash the great time of justice, reconciliation, and healing! In  ALL OUR RELATIONS!

Buddhism, Community, Communion, and True Communism

Going beyond ideology, religion, and short term fixes

More intelligent than intellect and more spiritual than spirit
Now consider the jewel-lights in your eyes.
How do THEY work?
This visible world has many weathers and variations.
But uncle, O uncle. The universe of the creation-word.
The divine command to BE, that universe of qualities is beyond any pointing to.
No being is unconnected to that reality, and that connection can not be said. There, there’s no separation and no return.
There are guides who can show you the way.
Use them, but they will not satisfy your longing.
Passionately be consumed with that connection with ALL your pulsating energy.
The throbbing vein will take you further than any thinking.

Muhammad said: “Don’t theorize about essence!”
All speculations are just more layers of covering.
Human beings love coverings!
They think that the design on their curtains are what is being concealed.
Observe the wonders as they occur around you.
Don’t claim them.
Feel the artistry moving through, and be silent.
Or say, “I cannot praise You as You should be praised.
Such words are infinitely beyond understanding.

Rumi, “Body Intelligence”, translated by Coleman Barks in his wonderful book “The Essential Rumi”, Castle Books, 1997

This presentation may appear to be complicated, but its purpose is to demystify, unconfuse, and lay bare the human causes of war, slavery, expropriation, and human conflict (which are ultimately found inside the human being) by waking up. It is simplistic to simply trust in authority, a president, king, dictator, political party, or leader (religious, secular, or both), but that is the thought of a slave. Tyrants, rulers and dictators depend upon that. When enough people think like a slave, then they perpetuate slavery (their own and others). People are owned and exploited for profit. Compassion is overruled by greed and selfish motives, while conflict becomes endemic.

Freedom of thought can not be bequeathed by a ruler, rather it must be reclaimed. Without it, slavery. war, and suffering are the result. Freedom of thought is not the freedom to believe in made up illusions, delusions, fancy, or self serving beliefs, rather it is the opposite; e.g., the ability to see clearly into the heart of all (vast) being. Without this realization, human beings will never be free and peace will be the exception.

All there is, is love.

Love is all there is.

Love is all

All is love.


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