UFO, OBE, Alien Abduction, and Channeling Phenomena as Kundalini Aberrations


Kundalini, when blocked or misunderstood can lead to self limiting assumptions and conclusions that are misleading. SImilarly, obstructed or repressed Kundalini leads to aberrations and misconceptions such as beliefs in chronic Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), Out of the Body Experiences (OBE), spiritual self alienation, alien abduction, and dis-ease. Regarding Out of the Body (OBE), alien abduction, flying saucers (UFO), and channeling "phenomena", there are pointed similarities between them. When someone, who is into external authority, materialism, or external phenomena; i.e., has become disconnected from their inner reality or fragmented, and in addition if the kundalini is aroused spontaneously, chakras activated (especially the crown chakra), the experiencer is likely to externalize the "phenomena" in externalized terms in an attempt to conceptually understand it. Since the subject has limited knowledge of the chakras, nadis, or kundalini, they will most often fabricate conclusions based on past known knowledge.  

Instead of integrating the experience as an internal rearrangement of the nadis, activation of the chakras, the higher self, higher consciousness, bigger mind, etc., the conclusion is reified as being due to a separate being, a UFO, alien, channeling, and so forth instead of an integrated "in the body experience" which includes the body as the support system. Even astral traveling has an in the body connection. That is to say that, even when we are dreaming and the sense organs are to a great extent shut down, it is the body which supports the human dream experience, albeit it is not the only factor. The body exists in space. Space exists in terms of form bodies. Vast all encompassing space brings about vast and unlimited knowledge and evolutionary abilities (siddhis).

In short the basis for all our experiences comes to us through the body of experience. For human beings this is the human body. The human body is of course the result of many causes and conditions. It is not independent, rather its existence is part of billions of years old intelligent process of evolution, which is itself an analogue of atemporal intelligence or primordial wisdom (vast time). The salient point here is that all inclusive and all pervading space as perfect completion is all inclusive. When we bring in the whole picture (which is not flat plane) then nothing is missing or lacking and nothing needs to be included. Limited knowledge is common, but vast knowledge is always available if we entertain the possibility. Stated succinctly, it is not feasible to jump into trans-dimensional timeless space directly from a dualistic delusion. The danger there is a dissociation from the body and body of nature, hence a non-integrated experience. Unintegrated experiences are disempowering.  

Kundalini resides as potential in the muladhara (earth) chakra. Kundalini Shakti is the mother energy, mother nature, and the intelligent evolutionary force. She is the physical and energetic analogue of Shiva, primordial consciousness. Here the primordial spiritual wisdom mind, the analogue and harmonious energetic body, and the physical manifestation body are composed as one body. In Buddhism this often described in the terms of  the unity of the dharmakaya, sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya (svabhavikakaya), jnanakaya, sahajkaya, vajrakaya, mahasukhakaya or abhisambhodikaya.    

In conscious or intentional yoga practices, the kundalini is awakened safely by purifying the mindstream, nadis, and body first. Then the internal circuitry (psychic nervous system) is strengthened, rectified, and made capable to handle more current/amperage safely. The dormant circuits become activated and integrated with the primordial wisdom through intermediary stages via yogic practices. When this is skipped or when the kundalini rises in a sudden unprepared way, it is rare that it is not distorted or runs in an imbalanced way causing either mental, energetic, or physical dis-ease. Strictly speaking the latter is not accurately labeled as a kundalini awakening, because the kundalini is distorted. Or when it is fully unleashed, it is misunderstood afterwards as an OBE, UFO abduction, or other worldly experience.     
Just to say that self alienation/dissociation from the body, our deepest feelings, and our connection with nature and the universe usually starts at a very early age. It is the "chosen few" who get through negative programming process with their memory and integrity of primordial wisdom and the evolutionary energy intact. Part and parcel of this deprogramming/purification process is the cessation of dualistic I/it projections made by the delusional mind (egoic mindset) which postulates reality to what appears as external solid, substantial, separate, independent, and discrete phenomena out of context with the whole of all pervasive infinite space and primordial time.  

In functional yoga, since the primordial wisdom is most subtle, we start with its analogue, the evolutionary energy as a beginning point. Here we learn to honor, respect, recognize and consciously integrate prana, prana shakti, kundalini shakti, nature, and the evolutionary force in our everyday life. This helps reestablish our vital connection with the timeless evolutionary source which are ever present as an inseparable whole -- as shiva/shakti or Samantabhadra/Samantabhadri, as crown and root, sahasrara and muladhara, cit and sat, ha and tha, male and female, pingala and ida, dharmakaya/rupakaya, svabhavikakaya (inseparable integrated bodies), void and form, absolute and relative ... all as one and one as all in synchronistic synergy -- all linked by the multidimensional rainbow trunk of the inter-dimensional cosmic tree.


The Carina Nebula

The Carina Nebula s photographed by the refurbished Hubble Space Telescope, September, 9, 2009 (Photograph courtesy of NASA)


Channeling and Inter-dimensional Interaction

The universe is vast, beautiful, awesome, and joyous. There are many dimensions, many planets, galaxies, and realms. The awakened mind is capable of penetrating into all -- into vast pervasive space and time. That is the characteristic of the boundless mind and hence all dimensions and minds are also accessible in the primordial mind.

When some one speaks of channeling in a conventional manner, they most often refer that another mind is channeling through their body, speech, and mind. But that is a limited conclusion based on limited knowledge of limited space and time. Within the wholistic context of vast space and time, there is unlimited knowledge and relationships are unowned, transpersonal, and non-dual.No separate individual self or mind can be said to exist or not exist. Such is simply an imperfect and limited reference point.

Although there are a myriad of moving parts to the whole, vast knowledge extends to all and everything as a dynamic fluid whole, not as separate individual entities that can be channeled. Channeling occurs in the end by voice, hand, body language, energy patterns, and even through subtle mental transmission, but for channeling to occur on this planet there is a requirement of a body of form who can receive the transmission. One could say that the energy body (sambhogakaya) is such a form body (rupakaya), but for that to happen accurately all three bodies , physical, energetic, and spiritual/atemporal bodies must be aligned as one. Otherwise it will seem that the transmission is coming from one egoic mindset to another, which in the end will serve no lasting good purpose. That is why it is best to keep "the channels (nadis) purified and open, considering all channeling to be "communication" from one part the great integrity to another.

The above goes for mental telepathy, astral travel, time travel, supersensory knowledge and all siddhis. The knowledge can emanate from a trans-local source, but its reception has to be embodied.

What really is happening? What really is possible once we kick the addiction of old conditioned habit patterns of thinking?


Butterfly Nebula

Butterfly Galaxy from the Refurbished Hubble Telescope 090909


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